Stones of Resonance:
StelaePath Pentych
five digital and alcohol ink collages
24" x 24" each
installation: 13 feet wide
StelaeSurface StelaeSurface
four digital and alcohol ink collages
10" x 10" each
GroundGrid Pairs GroundGrid Pairs
eight digital and alcohol ink collages
15" x 15" each
installation: 33" x 86"
Sanguinary/Sanguine Sanguinary/Sanguine
seven inter-related digital collages
10" x 10" each
vertical installation: 7 feet high
Drain/Replenish Drain/Replenish
seven inter-related digital collages
10" x 10" each
vertical installation: 7 feet high
"Stones of Resonance: Berlin" were inspired by the indelible experience I had visiting the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. These collages combine my signature alcohol ink papers with photographs I took at the Memorial site in Germany.

Designed by the American architect Peter Eisenman on five acres in the center of Berlin near the Brandenburg Gate, the Memorial is composed of a grid of 2711 concrete stelae. I spent hours walking alone among them. I was drawn to the aesthetics of the grid pattern formed by the rectangular slabs and to the small square pavers of the walkways. They echoed the square grid format I have used for years in my own art.

Although devoid of overt symbolism, Eisenman's design creates a powerful emotional impact. As I entered deeper and deeper into the immense labyrinth, the forms towered fifteen feet over my head, blocking out my awareness of other people and the city around me. I felt profound isolation and sorrow.

While immersed in this dense grey environment, I used my camera in a meditative state. I photographed corridors of pillars forming acute perspectives. I took close-up shots of the concrete surfaces around me and of gravel textures at my feet. In this oppressive gray space I also recorded the exceptions: rust-colored drain covers in the walkways and an abandoned red flower.

I have never before felt capable of producing art appropriate to the enormity of the Nazi atrocities, but this transforming experience at the Berlin Memorial had finally compelled me to express my own vision in these artworks: My response to an architect's response to the Holocaust.

An aerial view of the Memorial site - Wikipedia
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