These five collage series combine my alcohol based ink papers with images of stone I photographed in CHINA and JERUSALEM (abstracted imaginary landscapes)
PRAGUE, BERLIN and TIBET (more realistic photo-based compositions)

CHINA: Stones of Resonance
Imaginary abstract vistas that evoke the depth and vastness of the Chinese landscape and the lingering traumas of China's past. Each collage includes an embedded photograph of the massive stone structures I climbed at the Great Wall.

TIBET: Stones of Resonance
Collages combining my alcohol ink papers with photos I took while traveling in Tibet — inspired by the powerful and serene Buddhist architecture at the Sera Monastery and Potala Palace in Lhasa.

JERUSALEM: Stones of Resonance
Abstract collages inspired by my strong connection to the City of Jerusalem incorporating my photos of ancient stones combined with stone-like images created with alcohol inks, solvents and resists

BERLIN: Stones of Resonance
Collages derived from photographs I took in Berlin, Germany at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and inspired by my indelible experience of the site and interpreted through five different series
PRAGUE: Stones of Resonance
Collages that combine the poetry of tilted headstones with alcohol ink infused papers, all within a surrounding grid of granite and slate images - my search to find a meaningful way to portray the stones of Prague's Old Jewish Cemetery

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